Adnan Syed Is Not Guilty

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Adnan Syed is a high school senior at Woodlawn High School in Maryland, Baltimore. His ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, is reported missing in February 1999. Later on, is found dead, buried in Leakin Park. Many people believe Adnan Syed is the murderer of Hae Min Lee. Adnan is not guilty. Adnan says that he loves and respects her even after they broke up. Adnan never got a ride from Hae in her car, which is where Hae dies. Leakin Park, where Hae is buried, is nowhere near the school that both Adnan and Hae go to.

Adnan is adamant about how he only has love and respect for Hae Min Lee, his ex-girlfriend, during their relationship and after. Sarah Koenig, a journalist looking into Adnan’s case, talks to Adnan about accusations against him. People …show more content…

Adnan disagrees with these beliefs. He talks about how he loves and respects her. “No one ever has been able to provide any shred of evidence that I had anything but friendship toward her, like love and respect for her. … The only thing I can ever say is, man, I had no reason to kill her. Sarah Koenig - He's adamant about this. You can hear it, right? He's staunch.” Adnan will not hurt Hae. He really appreciates her so he says that he did not kill her. What is his motive to kill her? Adnan talks about people claiming that he is mad at her so he kills her. He is adamant about it. Being adamant about something means they are determined not to change their opinion/decision. But, Adnan is also staunch, staunch means giving strong loyal support to another person or thing. Adnan is adamant and staunch when talking about only having love and respect towards Hae and that he never will kill her. Adnan talks about the accusations being made about him. He does not agree with them, he states how no one can prove that he is angry with her. “People could say why. Oh, man, he is mad, this, that, or the other. But no one could ever come with …show more content…

Adnan talks about how he isn’t in her car. Hae always goes to her little cousin’s school to go pick them up. “I would-- wouldn’t have asked for a ride after school. I’m-- I’m sure that I didn’t ask her because, well immediately after school because I know she always-- anyone who knows her knows she always goes to pick up her little cousin, so she’s not doing anything for anyone right after school. No-- no matter what. No trip to McDonalds. Not a trip to 7-Eleven. She took that very seriously.” Adnan knows that Hae will not take him anywhere. She has to go pick up her little cousin. How is he even in her car then? He states that she will not do anything for anyone after school and made it clear that she will do absolutely nothing. He acknowledges the fact that she had to immediately go to her cousin’s school right after school ended. He respects the fact that Hae will not take him anywhere. He knew that she took picking up her cousin seriously. Adnan is truthful about having respect and love for her, so he takes it seriously too. Some friends of Hae admit that Adnan asks Hae for a ride on the day of the murder. First, Hae agrees, but then later on, declines, saying she has something else to do. “Hae said she could, there would be no problem. At end of school, I saw them. She said ‘Oh no I can’t take you, I have something else to do.’ She didn’t say what else.

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