High School Musical Essays

  • High School Musical Themes

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    High school, is the places where a lot of teens lose their sense of self. East High is a perfect example having superficial cliques and students being told to “stick to the status quo”. During winter break, Troy Bolton, the star basketball player for East High, goes to a sky resort with his family. He meets Gabriella, a beautiful honor student who’s new to Troy’s school, and they immediately fall in love. They find each other once again when school starts again, rekindling their connections only

  • High School Musical Sociology

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    new.” Does this quote sound familiar? High School Musical is a teen/romantic comedy musical television movie and it’s the first movie of the High School Musical trilogy. High School Musical is about a popular high school basketball star named Troy Bolton and a shy, academically gifted girl named Gabriella Montez. The two teenagers meet at a karaoke contest on New Year’s Eve and instantly click over their secret passion for singing. When Troy returns to East High after winter break, he runs into Gabriella

  • High School Musical Analysis

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    High School Musical, directed by Kenny Ortega, became a cultural phenomenon post its 2006 release. Underlying in its themes of acceptance and friendship, Troy Bolton experiences a Hero’s journey. High School Musical begins just as any hero’s journey with a call to adventure(1). In a typical call to adventure, the hero is introduced in a state of mundane normalcy when information received acts as a clarion call to leave their life of normalcy and “take up the sword.” Troy and Gabriella meet at a ski

  • Compare And Contrast High School Musical

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    Most high school students are subject to an everyday routine consisting of having classes all day, having to talk to teachers and go to extracurricular activities just to go home to study and sleep. If you have ever watched high school musical growing up you may have thought about what high school was really going to be like when you get there. Kids wonder if it will be similar to the movie or if it will be completely different than they thought. High school and high school musical have their similarities

  • The Movie High School Musical By Kenny Ortega

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    The movie high school musical was directed by Kenny Ortega and was very interesting as well as entertaining. The movie was about tow high school students who are invested in two major activities but actually are interested in theater so they make time in their busy schedules for theater. My two favorite parts were the beginning and the end. The beginning really fore shadowed the whole movie and was very ironic relating to the plot of the movie as at the end all problems were solved and everyone was

  • High School Musical: Three Metrics Of Success

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    media, Nielsen recognized High School Musical as the #1 most successful Disney Channel Original Movie ever be produced, being watched by more than 200 million viewers in 100 countries. The franchise also set a record for Disney Channel viewership with the first release garnering 7.7 million views. 18.6 millions viewers tuned in for the sequel, High School Musical 2, a year later, becoming the most-watched cable broadcast of all time. The third movie, High School Musical 3: Senior Year, the franchise’s

  • College Admissions Essay: A Career As A Career

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    day become a model, actress and singer. Staring at about ten years of age, all I ever wanted to do with my life was write and perform music, model on a runway, and star on a hit television show or movie. My inspiration first came from the High School Musical movies. I first seen HSM when I was in the fourth grade and instantly fell in love with it. I was obsessed with the character Gabriella Montez because she was so beautiful and had such an amazing voice. I wanted to be just like

  • Argumentative Essay: Is Conscription Good Or Bad?

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    Conscription, also known as drafting, is a law that the government made for people to go to war. This law stated that anyone who was old enough and was able to fight in the war had to go, whether they wanted to go or not. People thought conscription was very beneficial, I on the other hand disagree. Personally, I do not think conscription is a good idea. It is unfair to force people to go to war, by forcing men to enlist in the army, the army force will not be as strong as it could be, and if conscription

  • Why Some People Remember Things Better Than Others Essay

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    Why do some people remember things better than others? Some people are better at memorizing things than others. It is said that genetics makes up about half of your ability to remember. As one can’t change the genes one is born with, but one can improve memory by rehearsal as well as improvements in diet, sleep and fitness. Do you think we memorize things differently now compared to the past? Well, it is a tough question to answer. In my opinion, in past we use to remember only special things or

  • Reflective Essay About My English Class

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    class, boost my GPA, and finish my English prerequisite. Thankfully, this class did not fulfill that goal. As my first English class at the university, this class challenged the way I thought, and shed light on my strengths and weaknesses. In high school, I had a substantial amount of English experience under my belt, as I had taken all honors and AP English courses. While these classes provided a heavy workload, the essays that we wrote were not necessarily challenging. Most of the courses were

  • Essay On Banning Books Should Be Banned

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    should be kept unseen by their children. Many parents believe that their children should not be unprotected from explicit content. ProCon.org believes that, “Children should not be exposed to sex, violence, drug use, or other inappropriate topics in school or public libraries” (ProCon.org). Parents just want the best for their children, and ProCon.org is just trying to support them with their list of pros to banning books. This quote is just one of multiple reasons why they think books should be banned

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cohabitation

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    Cohabitation is not a new phenomenon yet never be old and likely to be more and more popular in modern life. Despite opposing ideas, many people agreed and supposed cohabitation necessary for their lives. When we go to some areas where students rent rooms or houses to live, you can easily see couples live together as young people are now really familiar with cohabitation. Cohabitation is similar to a mathematics operation, it would give out the result but whether it is right or wrong depends on how

  • Most Influential Person Essay

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    delicately blunt with her students. Mrs. Walker doesn’t sugarcoat things, but she won’t throw them in someone’s face, either. It is obvious that her goal is to better her students, and that she truly cares for all of them. When I first entered high school, I felt immediately at home in her classroom. As an English minded person myself,

  • Ivan Illich's Deschooling Society

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    Rid society of school, this proposition Ivan Illich makes in Deschooling Society may seem faithless. How can we live without school? Where will our children go? When will they learn the heritage of their civilization? Civic values? Literacy and numeracy? What will they do about jobs when the job world today really look us from our credentials and certificates in order to evaluate our capability and skill? Such reactions only prove what Illich asserts: we are addicted to schooling. This addiction

  • A Response To Gerald Graff's Hidden Intellectualism

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    essay with a fine-tooth comb, I have found a few flaws in his reasoning. Gerald Graff believes that schools and colleges are not taking advantage of “street smarts” by not using them in an intellectual setting when in fact, schools are providing students with a large assortment of other knowledge and skills. In Graff’s essay “Hidden Intellectualism”, he argues for the importance of changing school curriculums in order to better reflect the interests

  • Essay On Racial Profiling

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    Racial Profiling/ Discrimination: Issues around the world Racial Profiling is a serious issue that has risen in the past few years. This is when discrimination is made against certain ethnic races. Contrary to popular belief, this can happen anytime and anywhere. It is important for us to realize that racial profiling is disrespectful to the people who are targeted and it is a crime. People should not be targeted just because of their race or color. In our societies, Racism has only gotten worse

  • Why We Should Not Play Competitive Sports

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    Every year over $45 million are spent on kids between 6 and 16 in the US thats $20 million on in school sports and $25 million on our of school sports. On the other hand 1 in 5 parents report spending $1,000 or more per child per year according to The National Council of Youth Sports on VisualNews.com yet most spend $671 for uniforms and other fees. This matters because

  • Essay On The Benefits Of A College Education

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    School is a gift that is provided by America, but what happens when students reach a point in their life when large amounts of money are asked in return order to learn? Is it still worth it? Our founding fathers created the 14th Amendment which states “when a state establishes a public school system, no child may be denied”. America offers the privilege to attend a public school at no cost from kindergarten through 12th grade. College allows you to begin your adult life. It is the stepping stone

  • Thesis Statement: The Pros And Cons Of Standardized Testing

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    Parents can compare how their students are doing compared to other schools and even other states. Standardized testing allows schools to compare their results against other schools results. Another reason standardized testing is good is because the tests allow the students’ progress to be tracked throughout the year. If these students are taking similar tests yearly, then

  • Personal Narrative: How My Identities Shaped My Life

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    At points I would put what I needed to do in order to succeed in hockey ahead of school because until I was a sophomore in high school I was foolish enough to believe I had a shot of going big in hockey. All of this leads to my main point that I wasn’t born with an athlete identity however, I created one by pursuing a sport I am passionate about and would