The Serial Podcast By Sarah Koenig

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The Serial podcast narrated by Sarah Koenig. Tells a story about a teenage boy Adnan Syed who was falsely accused of the murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee. For the past months tuning in on this podcast I have not been convinced that there is any physical evidence, or anything that can in fact draw Adnan to this crime. The evidence is indeed flimsy. I have come to the conclusion that with the lack of evidence that Adnan is indeed innocent.
Asia Mcclain who now goes by Asia Chapman was a former classmate of Adnan and Hae at Woodlawn high school in Baltimore, Maryland. “At 2:30 pm I saw Adnan enter the library.” Ep 1. She claimed to have saw Adnan at the time of the murder in the school library. McClain was a primarily alibi witness. therefore,

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