Adnan Syed: Murder Or Guilty?

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If you were charged for a murder you did not commit, what would you do? Adnan Syed was sentenced to prison after he was found guilty of murdering his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. But there are a few small details that make significant complications within the case. Though many of these details cannot be fully proved nor entirely refuted, they could have been the reason for Adnan's rightful freedom. Today, he is incarcerated in a Baltimore prison awaiting appeal.
To start off, let's talk about a woman named Asia McClain. She was Adnan's former school mate at Woodlawn high school who claims to have seen Adnan Syed in the school library around the time of the murder. Now if this was true, the library would have surveillance footage of Adnan and …show more content…

This man's name is "Ronald Lee Moore" who was a serial rapist and killer. Released on January 1st, 1999 there is little reason to doubt that he could be a possible suspect. Now when Hae's body was found, a rape kit was used and DNA was taken from under her fingernails. If Adnan's DNA was tested against what was found, this case can be rightfully rested forever. The only issue is that though Adnan had 100% agreed to the testing, his new lawyer Justin Brown had decided against it. Others will argue that Adnan had only publicly agreed to it so It would make him look good. As one reddit user says "Maybe, but we are all dancing around the obvious truth, no lawyer would say no to a DNA test that could free their wrongfully convicted client. The only reason Brown said no is because Syed said no." Even though this makes Adnan seem unquestionably guilty for retracting his request, he may have had a good reason to. What if the DNA was tampered with or contaminated? DNA testing is not always reliable and this issue is evident in a large number of investigations. One well known incident of this occurring is the Josiah Sutton rape case- "In 2004, Josiah Sutton was exonerated after serving four and a half years of a 25-year sentence for a rape he did not commit. Sutton's conviction was the result of a mistaken identification and faulty scientific testing performed by the Houston police laboratory." stated the Innocence Project, who is also following Adnan's

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