Adnan Syed: An Example Of A Guilty Case

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Your honor, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, opposing counsel, my name is Piper Travis, representing the defendant in this action. My client Adnan Syed was wrongfully convicted of a crime he did not commit. He was imprisoned for 15 years for supposedly murdering his former girlfriend, eighteen-year-old Hae Min Lee even though there was no proper evidence to convict him. One of his friends at the time, Jay, claims that Adnan killed Hae, but the inconsistencies in his story should make him more of a prime suspect in this case rather than Adnan. He states that Syed killed Lee and later showed him the body inside a Best Buy parking lot, and they later buried the body at Leakin Park. Adnan and the victim, Hae Min Lee, dated on and off throughout high school, and when they broke up “for good”, they remained good friends and hung out together. The prosecution said that Adnan was “heartbroken” and “obsessive” over Hae, but that is not the case. After talking with his classmates and friends, it was concluded that Adnan continued his …show more content…

The prosecution has said time and time again that after the breakup, Adnan was obsessive, heartbroken, and depressed after his breakup with Hae Min Lee, which was his motive to kill Lee. This is not the case. After interviewing his friends, family, and classmates, everyone agrees that Adnan was not severely affected by the breakup: He continued his normal behaviors of drinking, smoking, partying, and even flirting with some girls. Another suspected motive for the murder was Adnan was conflicted between his religion and dating someone like Hae. Adnan’s family are devout Muslims, meaning no dating, no girls, etc. People thought that would be a motive for Adnan to kill Hae: Adnan himself has said that he is not a very religious person and that he never felt conflicted between dating Hae Lee and his religion. Sure, he joked about it, but he never thought twice about dating

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