Adnan Syed: The Murder Of Hae Min Lee

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How would you react if you were accused of doing something you didn’t do? This is what happened to Adnan Syed who was accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee. Adnan Syed was a regular high school student that had good grades and was very good in school. His “friend” if you want to call him that, Jay Wilds, was kind of strange. He did drugs and tried to stab his friend and people also said he was just weird and sketchy sometimes….I think that kind of sums it up for Jay. Adnan Syed is innocent of the murder of Hae Min Lee because there is hardly any evidence leading to Adnan being guilty. The first reason I believe Adnan is innocent is witnesses said Adnan was at the library at the time Hae was murdered therefore it is impossible for Adnan …show more content…

This reason makes sense because other people said Adnan and Hae never really had fights in their relationships so if they never had fights and weren’t ever really mad at eachother then Adnan wouldn’t have a reason to kill Hae. This part of the story is when Adnan is talking about how there wasn’t any fighting going on their relationship. ”well mind you now, this is me talking, you know, fifteen years later, I mean, you know she was upset. I was upset, you know there were times that I was very sad, and maybe I would kinda be like a little stubborn about it, like “no, no we can make it work! You know our parents would be cool or whatever,” but on the other hand, it was never a thing where I was like screaming or yelling at her “why are you leaving me?” or-- so you know just to say that, um, just to kinda to dispel that, that was never my behavior, you know at all.” This proves that he is innocent because if there was no fighting going on or any anger issues and things like that, then why would he kill her? He would have no reason to. Therefore, Adnan is innocent because he wouldn’t have a reason to kill her if they didn’t

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