A Modest Proposal: Serial By Sarah Koenig

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Do you want to strangle your ex? What about your first love from highschool? Personally, no, but in the podcast Serial by Sarah Koenig, the state claims that this is the case at the time for teenager Adnan syed. Serial is the story of a teenage girl named Hae Min Lee who was strangled after school on January 13, 1999. She lived in Baltimore, where she went to school at woodlawn high along with Adnan, her convicted killer and the only witness Jay. This case has many holes and problems that bug me, one being the fact Adnan was sentenced without any physical evidence excluding call records. Hae’s reason for passing was strangulation which is a violent and personal crime, It doesn't add up to the statements Adnan and others observed about their relationship. …show more content…

When Sarah stated “There was nothing linking him to the crime, no DNA, no fibers, no hairs, no matching soil from the bottom of his boots' (Koenig, Ep 1) It shows how hard the detectives looked for physical proof but found nothing. There was also no video footage or any accommodating witnesses. This doesn’t sit right with me because the state relied solely on Jay's statement which shouldnt be the only evidence to lock someone up, especially in a murder case. Going to jail on the charges and consequences for homicide can ruin a possibly innocent person's life, they should be innocent until proven guilty, and the state needs to be more cautious when sentencing people. If Adnan is someday let off charges and proven innocent, his life will still forever be ruined. His friends and family will always look at him a little differently, he missed out on key events and stages in life that he shouldn't have and his potential he had is wasted. His time in prison will always be engraved in the back of his

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