Controversy Vs. Guilty: The Case Of Adnan Syed

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The Case of Adnan Syed
She was killed over a breakup.
On March 13, 1999, Hae Min Lee was murdered and buried in a shallow grave at Linkin Park. She was a popular kid at Woodlawn High School, who played lacrosse and had lots of friends. One of these friends was Adnan Syed, her ex-boyfriend and another popular kid. He was arrested and charged for her murder based on witness testimony from a distant friend, Jay Wilds. 15 years later, Sarah Koenig revisited the case to present in her podcast, Serial uncovering lots of evidence along the way. The evidence she finds both supports and opposes his guilty sentence but ultimately, the strongest evidence points to Syed being guilty, due to his weak alibi and the strength of the evidence opposing him. …show more content…

While Wilds’s is somewhat weak because of inconsistencies between times and details, Cathy’s story is the strongest and corroborates lots of witness testimonies. She isn’t as bias as she’s only friends with Jenn, and both Wilds and Syed testify they went to her house. She testifies that when Officer Adcock called Syed, he was extremely worried, asking her “How do I get rid of a high?” (Episode 5: Route Talk) This is inconsistent in terms of Syed’s alibi. He had nothing to be worried about when talking to the officer. He said so himself, that all he was thinking about was, “Wow, Hae’s in huge trouble.” This further promotes the conclusion that Syed was lying about him not killing Hae. However, this makes sense in terms of Wilds’ testimony, because they just killed the girl he was looking for. Someone could say that he was just extremely nervous because he was high and on the phone with an officer, and that would be sense. However, what doesn’t make sense is that several hours later when Jenn and Wilds came back, Cathy recalls that they were smoothing it over and acting like what happened was no big deal, like they were trying to hide something big. This leads me to the conclusion that they were trying to hide the fact that Syed just killed Hae, because people usually aren’t so secretive over friends getting high and being on the phone with police

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