Evidence Surrounding The Serial Podcast: The Case Of Adnan Syed

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Because of Sarah Koenig's examination and presentation of the evidence surrounding the case of Adnan Syed, today he’s a free man.

It's not clear what Sarah Koenig's personal obsession with the Serial podcast was, as she has not publicly stated any specific personal obsession with the podcast or the case it explored. Sarah Koenig, a producer, and journalist was deeply interested in the story of Adnan Syed because she believed that there were many questions and uncertainties surrounding his case. Syed was convicted of the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, in 1999 and sentenced to life in prison. However, there were several inconsistencies and discrepancies in the evidence presented at trial, and Syed maintained his innocence. Koenig …show more content…

His fingerprints were found on a map that was in the glove compartment of the victim's car. The map had the defendant's fingerprints on it, which suggested that he had handled the map at some point. This was used as evidence that he had been in the car around the time of the murder; However it just tells you that he touched a map that was in her car, they were in a relationship so they would have been physically intimate with each other. The presence of his fingerprints on the map found in the victim's car was used as evidence against him at his trial. The serial podcast goes through each one of these outcomes and Sarah Koenig shows that the evidence that they put into the trial should not have been admissible. It's important to note that fingerprints are just one piece of evidence in a criminal case, and they are not necessarily determinative on their own. Ultimately, it was up to the jury to weigh all of the evidence and decide whether or not to find him guilty. There was a hole in the part of the case against him, where the evidence to prosecute him should have never been admitted into the …show more content…

He testified that he helped Adnan bury Hae Min Lee's body, and his testimony was used as evidence against Adnan in the trial. Jay's testimony has been called into question and was a central point of discussion in the Serial podcast. Jay Wilds' testimony was called into question by some people, including the creators of the Serial podcast, because of inconsistencies in his statements. For example, Jay provided different accounts of where and when he saw Adnan and Hae's car on the day of the murder, and he changed his story about when he learned that Hae had been killed. Additionally, Jay's testimony was not supported by other evidence in the case, such as phone records, which seemed to contradict his claims about his movements on the day of the murder. These inconsistencies have led some people to doubt Jay's testimony's credibility and question whether he was telling the truth about his involvement in the case. Jay Wilds was Adnan Syed’s drug dealer. He was trying to confuse people with his stories. He shouldn't have been called in to testify and this proves itself with all four different versions of his stories. For the defense team, it should have been a win. Again Sarah Koenig shows that Jay was inconsistent in her podcast with his stories, and back to the point it just shows how Sarah Koenig showed that he wasn't guilty. She also showed that the jury in itself should have been

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