Serial: The Mysterious Murder Of Adnan Syed

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Serial is a podcast hosted by Sarah Koenig about the mysterious murder of Hae Min Lee and the convinction of Adnan Syed in the year 1999. When Koenig looked over the case in 2014 she decided to investigate into the case on her own. Despite everything that happened to Syed pertaining his arrest many people including his family think he is innocent. I think an expert should have gone over all the details when it came to this case getting down to the bottom of who her killer is.

On Januray 13, 1999 eighteen year-old Hae Min Lee disappeared after school in Baltimore, Maryland. The investigators were convinced it was Adnan Syed- the ex boyfriend, they saw through his charm and manipulation accusing him of killing Hae because they broke up which was in December a month before she went missing.The amount of evidence in the case was not strong. First, when they tested …show more content…

The map print. According to Sarah she says “The most incriminating piece of physical evidence against Adnan Syed was a fingerprint, or rather, a palm print.On a map..police found it in the backseat of Hae’s car.(pdf page 128) On the back cover was a partial print of Adnan’s left palm.” Out of this whole case this is the only physical evidence they have against him- which isn’t much. The thing is with fingerprints you never know how old they are, there’s no timestamp with them. He could’ve touched the map years ago, however you can’t tell. Second, the time of 1998 of Decemeber when Syed and Lee broke up because of their cultural differences. The prosecutor claimed “He became enraged. He felt betrayed that his honor had been besmirched, and he became very angry, and he set out to kill Hae Min Lee.” (pdf page 35). The motive for the murder doesn’t add up to

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