Brief Summary Of 'The Case Of Hae Min Lee'

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The Case of Hae Min Lee
In the first season of the Serial podcast narrated by Sarah Koenig there is the case of girl, Hae Min Lee, who was murdered back in January of 1999. The case was very complicated and is now being re-investigated. Hae's ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, was charged for her murder even with the lack of evidence in the investigation. There are many different presumptions made about the case, most of which point a finger at Adnan Syed. But, Adnan’s character, not having a motive, and the way he has claimed his innocence for many years are what portray his innocence of the crime.
Adnan’s character and actions are not fit for a murderer. Throughout the podcast we learn a lot about who Adnan is as a person, smart and very different …show more content…

Adnan and his girlfriend, at the time they were dating, were only 17 years old. Being young and having a typical High School relationship, there would not be anything that would make Adnan want to kill Hae. Haes friends shared that he was very close to Hae, always wanting to know where she was and what she was doing, but when Koenig read Hae’s diary she noticed that “Hae does not describe Adnan as overbearing in her diary” (episode 2). High School relationships is only young love and end very often throughout the course of a school year. It does not often take long for young teens to get over the relationship. Adnan’s old friend, Max, shared that “Adnan was initially devastated and jealous about the new boyfriend, that he grumbled about it in a typical guy way, nothing strange” (Episode 2). Adnan did not seem mad about the breakup, there was no way the break up could be a motive for Adnan. Another old friend of Adnan, named Sahd, knew Adnan well even after him and Hae broke up. Sahd shared what he used to say to people who thought Adnan was upset about the breakup, he would say that “Adnan is dating multiple girls, I could tell you some of the girls that he’s dating, he is not upset about him and Hae breaking up” (Episode 2). People from Woodlawn who knew Adnan personally know how he was after the breakup, he was upset at first but soon got over it, just like any end to a typical High School relationship. This shows …show more content…

Hae Min Lee’s case started in 1999, and soon after she died Adnan was convicted of her murder. From the day he was convicted to now, almost 18 years later, he has continued to state that he is innocent. Koenig tries to put herself in his shoes and how people are thinking about him being in prison for this murder. Koenig says “I would be screaming to the roof tops, and people are not hearing you do that” (Episode 11). People are assuming that he is a terrible monster who committed a murder, but in reality he is a man who was wrongfully convicted of a murder 18 years ago. Many years have passed and if he had committed the murder there would be something indicating that. Adnan has maintained his innocence for many years, and it is weird how people do not see that he would confess by now if he had done it, but he hasn't, hee still maintains his

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