The Significance Of Serial Who Murdered Hae Min Lee In 1999

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The Significance of Serial
Who murdered Hae Min Lee in 1999? This is the question examined in season one of Serial. Produced by Sarah Koenig, Serial was a captivating true crime story that was masterfully and artfully told in podcast form. It was a significant work of art to me because of the deep thought it provoked involving the personality of the convicted murderer Adnan Sayed and the question of his guilt or innocence. It was also significant to society because it was arguably the most popular podcast of all time. By giving a description of the podcast and explaining the impact it left on myself and it's commercial success, I will portray the significance of Serial.
The 12 episode podcast investigated the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee, …show more content…

People may or may not be as they seem. Through Sarah Koenig's numerous interviews with people who knew Adnan around the time of the murder, the general consensus was that he was a kind, charismatic and positive member of society that they would never have believed capable of meticulously plotting and carrying out the murder of someone he once loved. And yet, there was a trial and conviction that landed him a life sentence in prison. While listening to all of the evidence presented against him, and all of the evidence presented to proclaim his innocence, I believed Adnan was guilty. In addition to laying out the details of the trial, Koenig also had hours of recorded phone calls with Adnan. During these conversations Adnan convincingly portrayed himself as a genuinely good and possibly innocent person. Throughout the podcast there was a constant struggle in my mind on whether or not I could trust what this man was saying, or go with my gut that he was guilty. But it also brought up other questions, can someone be a good person and be capable of committing evil acts simultaneously? Maybe Adnan had been a good person throughout his life, but had acted on negative emotion, lost control and committed a heinous act that ended a life and ruined

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