Criminal Justice System Research Paper

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Origin and History of the Criminal Justice System

The Criminal justice system is a system that was made to control crime and make punishments to whoever break a law or rule.The beginning of the criminal justice system of the United States goes all the way back when the United States still belonged to the Great Britain.Americans were under Great Britain laws and rules and most of the laws were unfair.After the Revolutionary War and the United States became independent and they needed to create their own types of system to run their country. Today the criminal justice system functions upon the police,the courts, and the corrections, but back then in the beginning of criminal justice people didn’t have this type of structure.They shaped their structure using religion before laws and rules were established in the United States.Population started to increase and soon people had to make laws to uphold values of mortality because religion became less frequent.Due to this change more laws and violations were made. …show more content…

Until finally 1938 there were day watchmen in Boston to add to the night watchmen,but since they were two different types of agencies rivieres arose.New York did not want to have this problem so they created the New York Police Department in 1845 where they joined the night and day watchmen.Police were finally distiguished from citizens they got paid and they had uniforms soon other cities like Chicago in 1851,New Orelns in 1852,and Phidelpiha in 1855 followed by making their own police organization by the 1900 almost every city in the Untied Sates had a full time police

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