Criminal Justice Reform Essay

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Our world is a world full of corruption, with many loopholes that were made for it to continue. Not only is the criminal justice system corrupt but our society is as well. With a corrupt system and society, how are things supposed to get better? This is why reform is a must not just in our system but society as a whole. The way things are done as of now needs a change for the better. The system isn’t perfect nor are people but being able to change even just the slightest of things, good things are still able to come from it.

What is Criminal Justice Reform? Reform simply is to change something and improve it. Criminal Justice Reform is focused on the system and changing the current state of the system that we have and changing its form to …show more content…

Without any improvement in the system citizens may continue to lose trust in the system. Without trust how can the community rely on a system that they don’t believe in anymore or have trust in. This is why it’s so important that there is trust within the system and the community. What are some examples of it? An example is the way people are treated during probation. In the past they were treated as if they weren’t human or someone who can never turn over a leaf, but now they are treated with respect and as a client. Being authoritative was a method that was used before changing it. This reform has allowed for clients in probation to actually be able to turn over a new leaf and get a chance of being able to quit old habits and begin living a more honest and meaningful life. Any evidence-based practices being used already that are effective? Evidence-based practice is “the objective, balanced, and responsible use of current research and the best available data to guide policy and practice decisions, such that outcomes for consumers are improved” (NICIC). An evidence-based practice that is currently being used and has been shown to be effective is motivational …show more content…

Victims go through a great ordeal, whether the crime is big or small. The rights that were made for them should be respected just like any other rights under the law. According to the article of “Rights of Victims” written by The United States Department of Justice, victims have rights under the Victims' Rights and Restitution Act and the Crime Victims' Rights Act. The rights under the Victims' Rights and Restitution Act include:

To be informed of the place where they may receive medical and social services

To be informed of public and private programs available for counseling, treatment, and other support services

To receive reasonable protection from a suspected offender and persons acting in concert with or at the behest of the suspected offender

To know the status of the investigation of the crime, to the extent it is appropriate and will not interfere with the investigation

To have personal property being held for evidentiary purposes maintained in good condition and returned as soon as it is no longer needed for evidentiary purposes

(Rights of Victims 2022)

As for the rights under the Crime Victims' Rights Act it includes:

The right to be reasonably protected from the accused

The right to reasonable, accurate, and timely notice of any public court proceeding, or any parole proceeding, involving the crime or of any release or escape of the

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