Argumentative Essay On Time Sentence Reforming

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Modern sentencing practices are outrageous and out of control. People go to prison for 162 years for stealing a car or 25 to life just for simply making a mistake of leaving their child in the car for no longer than 20 minutes without killing or harming the child. Even the innocent get sentenced major years for crimes they didn’t even commit. Lately sentencing has been crazy, so at this point in time sentence reforming is relevant in this case. To begin with, sentence reforming needs to take place because people are getting way to many years for petty crimes they didn't commit. For example, "we are not moving nearly fast enough to reduce incarceration. Over 2 million Americans live caged behind bars, a 550 percent increase in the last 40 years." Thus, this shows that due to us still following the old system to many people are in jail for crimes that don’t deserve that crime. Another example is shown in article 2, line 2 "One in 35 American adults is under …show more content…

But they fail to realize that the system we have now throws anyone in jail no matter if the person committed the crime or not. They also fail to realize that the current system sentencing isn't organized or fair because there are people out there innocent and people who don’t deserve that time that was given for petty crimes. The current system doesn’t seek for justice, they see everyone who gets arrested as a criminal and feels they should be thrown away for a very long time and that isn't fair. Sentencing reforming is highly recommended due to the outrageous modern sentencing practices we have today. People go to jail or maybe even prison for such petty crimes that doesn't deserve the many years that were given to them. Even the innocent get sentenced major years for crimes that weren't even committed by them. Sentence reforming needs to take action.

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