Should Prisoners Deserve To Be Victimized Essay

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Student Name: Lydia Mugridge
Question: Do Prisoners Victimizing Each Other Get What They Deserve? After a trial is done and the sentence is revealed, the criminal of the case at hand will be sent to prison. At prison, the convict has a high chance of becoming a victim themselves. They often will find themselves victimized by the other inmates. Whether or not criminals deserve to become victims while in the penitentiary is up to debate. There is a belief that prisoners are put in jail for a reason and they deserve to be harmed by other criminals while locked up. In a prison, both female and male, inmates will attack and harm one another. This is mainly because there are a plethora of people sharing a limited amount of space and the need to control that space. Prisoners will attack each other to display their dominance in the hierarchy of prisoners, to relieve boredom, and for many other reasons. Some criminals that commit serious crimes such as rape and child abuse find themselves beaten, raped, and even killed while in jail. Which is ironic, since in regular society there are cases that rapists and child abusers seem to get a lighter …show more content…

Criminals that have been convicted of murder, rape, child abuse, and other violent crimes due deserve some punishment. They get thrown in jail where they suffer boredom and other minor difficulties, but typically they do not suffer the way they made their victims suffer. Non-violent offenders, crimes like auto-theft or burglary, should not suffer beatings and other harmful things that other inmates might force upon them. They broke the law without hurting people physically, so they should have to suffer through assault in prison. No, inmates should not be harmed physically, emotionally, or physically, but it will happen in prison and when it happens it should be the violent contenders that are

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