How To Abolish The Senate In Canada Essay

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Canada has two legislative bodies in the parliamentary system, one is the Senate of Canada which is constituted by the appointed members. Secondly, is the House of Commons, which is made up of elected officials. The Senate is consisted of 105 members that are recommended by the Prime Minister and the appointed by the Governor General. The members of the Senate can be made up of business people, lawyers, doctors, hockey players, and many more, because of the variety of experience from the individuals of senators gives a better understanding of the people they represent and of the problems that Parliament must try to solve.
The functions of the Senate is to cautiously examine legislation that are proposed by the House of Commons, to suggest changes or adjustments. The Senate can reject a bill, and recommend changes and improvements to be made. They can introduce new bills however, most bills are introduced by the House of Commons. A bill cannot become a law in Canada without the Senates approval. This is also the only reason that the Senate is a useful institution in Canada today as it represents the interest of the provinces in federal legislative. Many Canadians want the either reform or abolish
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However, abolishing the Senate may not be the best for Canada in the end, so another argument is to reform the Senate. The best plan at the moment to reform the Senate is the Triple E plan, as it would make it so that the Senators are elected, each province is represented equally, making the Senate more effective. If we were to abolish the Senate the only way to do so would be by a constitutional amendment backed by at least seven provinces representing 50 per cent of the population, or one with unanimous provincial
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