Essay On Should Canada Keep Change And Abolish The Senate

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Nancy Zhou
Social 11A
Mr. B
September, 17th, 2017
Q: Should Canada keep, change or abolish the senate?
The Reason Canada Need to Change the Senate
Canada should change the Senate because the senate is useless, undemocratic and costly today. However, the principle of Senate is a good idea, so it is still needed and important. The Senate is a legislative body of the government, which has the almost the same power as the House of Common. If Canada abolishes it means that Canada won't have a place with "sober second thought.” This is why the senate still has some value and worth Canada to improve it to let it become better.
The Senate has some benefits because it improves legislation. In the Constitution of Act in 1867, the constitution gives a …show more content…

How should Canada change the Senate to let it become better? The ideal senate is effective, elected and equal. (Cranny M, Moles G, Counter Points, 2009, P232) In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary for Senate to give a promise that they will have a high quality to do things. For example, making new laws and talking about the law which passed by the House of Common seriously and carefully. Besides, the Senate should be more democratic which can change the way that the senators are chosen: let citizens choose the Senate by themselves directly instead of to let the federal government to choose. During this election, the voters need to choose the representatives from a list of candidates; the candidates who have the largest number of votes would win. Last but not the least; a reformed Senate should have greater equality that they should provide a more balanced regional representation to protect the area where has the less populations. Thus, it should have lots of members who are from different provinces to vote directly. Under this system, each province would have a certain number of Senate seats. (Stilborn,

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