Essay On Quebec's Secession

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Quebec’s secession from Canada has been driven by many factors such as the provinces’s belief in a distinct identity, lack of representation in politics and the isolation of Quebec’s culture and language from the rest of Canada. These beliefs are valid but, realistically a secession from Canada will cause economic destruction within the province. It has been reported that the province of Quebec has little economic backing in trade to finance a legitimate government in international politics. Also, issues concerning international trade and negotiations will become difficult to deal with as economic stability will not be immediately guaranteed. In addition to that, all the chaos from these problems will inevitably lead to Quebec’s citizens…show more content…
In turn, proving Quebec’s secession from is not the solution it needs to feel fulfilled in Canadian society as the negative implications for secession would put Quebec citizens in a compromising position. Firstly, Quebec’s secession from Canada will lead to a drastic decline in their economy.For instance, trade negotiations between Canada and the United states will have to include Quebec. This would mean coming up with entirely new terms to trade.In a article written by Patrick Grady it discusses the effects that separation will have on Canada and Quebec. In the article it states “ Quebec is an integral part of the Canadian economy.…show more content…
Starting with an economic collapse that will prevent the Quebec government in financially supporting benefits such as free healthcare. In addition to that the impact a secession will have on international trade and relations will also put Quebec at risk in terms of vulnerability. Lastly, issues concerning Quebec citizens are still valid but, does not mean their concerns need to be dealt with through a secession from Canada. This is important because there are much more unheard and under helped communities that still need to be helped, like the indigenous people of Canada. Therefore, this essay outlines the implications of secession as negative and problems concerning Quebec citizens can be handled less
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