Landforms In Canada

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All of these landforms have distinct features that separate them apart from each other. For example, the Interior Plains contain very flat regions of land suitable for growing crops, while the Great Lakes/Saint Lawrence Lowlands contain large bodies of fresh water. As a result of these diverse landform regions, a large amount of natural resources are available to Canada for usage. Likewise, the diversity of landform regions also increases the amount of biodiversity that is available within Canada. Moreover, in contrast to other places in the world that do not have many different landform regions, such as Alaska, the beauty and marvel of Canada 's landform regions are unmatched. This ends up drawing people into the country to observe Canada 's wide variety of different land regions.

An example of an area in Canada with excellent soil quality is the Interior Plains. The increase in soil quality in the Interior Plains is due to the fact that the soil is rich with dead organic matter, increasing the amount of nutrients that are available. As a result, the vegetation in this area grows extremely large and healthy, making it a very suitable area for farming. In fact, the Interior Plains are where many of Canada 's farms are found. Compared to other countries with poor soil quality, such as Sudan, Canada 's soil quality allows it to have a variety of different …show more content…

Water is an extremely important resource; without it, life on Earth would simply cease to exist. However, Canada is widely known for and in fact possesses 20% of the world 's available freshwater. Due to this, Canada is almost guaranteed to have a supply of freshwater available for consumption. The Great Lakes and Niagara Falls are a few of the world 's largest reservoirs of fresh water, and they are both in Canada. Since Canada has all of this freshwater available, Canadian citizens do not have to worry about it running out. This makes Canada better than countries without a large amount of freshwater available,

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