Great Depression Dbq

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The Great depression affected many Americans and their lives. All of the jobs were shut down due to money shortages. If that business doesn’t get money then the people who was working that business doesn’t get money either. So many other things caused the great depression.

A lot of people lost their jobs because of money shortages. In passage 1 it states” the closing of Old Wild Side Mine meant the end of anything resembling a steady job for the next eight years.” All of the steady jobs ended for a great amount of years. The Old West Side Mine was keeping the money flowing to jobs and keeping jobs alive. Without jobs people couldn’t get money. That means they can’t buy food or water. People were running out of supplies. Loans were one of the only ways to get money. …show more content…

He promised a New Deal for the American people. The American people weren’t supporting the government and their decisions. Mr. Roosevelt helped with the New Deal that he promised. In passage 3 it states” his first act as president was to declare a four-day bank holiday’ during which time Congress drafted the Emergency Banking Bill of 1933, which stabilized the banking system and restored the public’s faith in the banking industry by putting the federal government behind it.” Mr. Roosevelt definitely restored faith in the American people. Mr. Roosevelt created work by having men from ages 17 to 23 work on things such as digging ditches, building reservoirs, and planting trees.Roosevelt created a program called The Works Progress Administration. This program employment 8.5 million people to build things like bridges, roads, public buildings, parks and airports. Roosevelt fixed the unemployment. He didn’t end the Great depression though.

The Great Depression affected many Americans and their lives. Jobs were shut down and people were starving and thirsty. Many things caused the Great Depression. Mr. Roosevelt boosted things in the Great

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