How Did Herbert Hoover Do During The Great Depression

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Herbert Hoover During the Great Depression Herbert Hoover was elected president in 1928. At the time, Hoover beat Al Smith in a landslide victory. When elected into office, America had been experiencing a decade of prosperity. Shortly after his term began, America faced the biggest economic crisis in U.S. history. Hoover was forced take decisions against his philosophy of rugged individualism, but unfortunately his actions were too little, too late. While Hoover was office, during the depression, his successes were far, and few between. He had a philosophy of government keeping their noses out of business, but when the depression hit, it took him a while to get involved, and came up with the associative state. He thought that the government should team up with businesses and form a partnership. He thought with the help of the government that it would make the economy run fairer and more efficient. He called it the associative state. He also has the idea of the ‘Hoover Dam.’ This was the …show more content…

This success showed that the partnerships between the government and business had worked, but as said before all his success to help came too little, too late. Hoover had many more failures than he did success, but mostly because he stuck to his philosophy for too long, and by the time he figured he needed to take action he was too late. The first incident that occurred was the problem with the ‘bonus army.’ When the depression hit many of the WW1 veterans wanted their war bonus that was not supposed to be paid out until 1945. When the army protested for weeks, and months, and never went home. Hoover then called in the police to attack the veterans. Two killed and, hundreds injured. This sealed

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