Herbert Hoover's Accomplishments

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Ollie Ladnier
Dr. Potoczniak
English 8-3
6 December 2014 Herbert Hoover: A Man with Many Perks

Herbert Hoover, the 31st president of the United States, and one of the most high variety skilled presidents ever. He was skilled, smart, and a leader.

Herbert C. Hoover was one, or is the most talented president in the fields of math and science. Herbert Hoover was born into a Quaker family (a religion) and losing his parents at an early age, leaving him to live with his uncle in Oregon. Turned out to be very skilled in math, which led him to be a mining and civil engineer in his years of young adulthood. Later in his journey of life he started to get into politics, leading him to become president. Herbert Hoover is very skilled in what he does because of the ability that he had to multitask through life being an engineer to a president. He also transcends to being very smart, because of the fact that he excelled tremendously in the fields of math and science, and that he could still shine out to become our 31st president. Finally, he is a leader solely for his commitment to lead this country under hard times and still have another shot at presidency for a second opportunity. …show more content…

Herbert Hoover never had one legacy, he had many, and of the little legacies he left here and there all added up. That is why Herbert Hoover was a president known for his many perks. Ladnier

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