The Little Girl Who Fought The Great Depression Summary

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The Little Girl Who Fought the Great Depression is a nonfiction novel, not quite a biography as it also talks about several other influential people, by John F. Kasson. This book talks about the political elections before the Great Depression and how President Hoover didn’t help the people as he thought he was. The book talks about Franklin D. Roosevelt and how he helped fix America with his smile. Kasson also talks a little about BoJangles Robinson, who was a black dancer and actor. He starred in several films with Shirley Temple. Shirley Temple was the main focus in the book, however. Shirley Temple was deemed a prodigy child actress. President Hoover when he first became president sought to help the American people. He wouldn’t believe for the longest time that anything was wrong and it soon dampened his optimism and smile. He soon frowned and hardly ever waved to crowds …show more content…

It held a lot of repeats in different word arrangements. I was able to understand a lot of the vocabulary in it. This book, while it may not become one of my favorites, was very educational and I did enjoy reading it. However, I was unable to discern Kasson’s bias in his writing. I enjoyed reading about Shirley Temple because I’ve watched a few of her movies when i was younger and I feel in love with her character. I learned that although Shirley Temple was a very good girl and everyone looked up to her, she had quite a temper and a nasty attitude at times. Her mother was fond of spanking her too. Once I was done reading the historical work, I felt that I would like to read more into Shirley Temple’s life than what was presented. I’m not sure I would like to read Kasson’s other works because they don’t seem to be interesting. I would recommend this book to whoever wants to read about the Great Depression, wants to learn more about a few influential people during this time and Shirley Temple. John F. Kasson was a good writer and I look forward to rereading this

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