Cinderella Man And The Great Depression

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Want to know about the Great Depression? Now I will tell you about it. It was a bad time in the Untied States. This movie mirrors the 20’s till even now, life was good on the surface but the great depression was rumbling underneath. So many things went down during so little time, for the people who were alive during this time. I admire the people for keeping their head up and striving through the hard times. A example of someone i admire is james braddock for giving to his family his community and his home. The movie cinderella man mirrors the life before during and after the depression. Firstly, in the 20’s jobs where everywhere and payed good money, people could buy anything that came to the mind. Then a Great DepressionLike for example in the movie he could get a fight anywhere and was payed about 8,860 per fight.They wore suits and dresses and had nice jewelry lying everywhere. The middle class man wore a suit to every event including the movie braddock in which he came out of the fight wearing a suit while getting out the car with his driver. The people in the 20s where living the big life. In the 20s money wasn't thrown around like it had no meaning to it. Also like in Cinderella Man he had stacks of cash just through it anywhere. In the 20s …show more content…

People lost everything and had to live in cardboard boxes and newspaper .If there were lucky, they also lived in run down cars. Food was scarce and hard to find. People had to preserve everything that they did have and even stole just to eat. In the movie Cinderella Man braddock eldest son stole from the butcher to keep his family doing well. The great depression was a time where some people had nothing and the people that had things, had little to nothing. In this time of prosperity nobody had hope for the future and they sent their kids away and sold their belongings to other people who would pay for

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