Herbert Hoover Dbq

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Every four years, the United States elects a new president, someone who will lead the country for the next four years. This person has the responsibility to lead the country and people through the next four years as best as he or she can. When they leave office, many of these people leave the United States in a better place than it was at the beginning of their four years. However, many others see the United States decline during their years in office. These people are forever remembered for what they have done, whether positive or negative. Herbert Hoover, the thirty-first president of the United States, was one of those people who left office with a bad reputation, due to the way that he handled the Great Depression and some foreign affairs. …show more content…

It is one of the few undeniably good things that Hoover accomplished while in office. In the years leading up to Hoover’s presidency, the relationship between the United States and many countries in Latin America was going deteriorating. Latin Americans were unhappy with the Roosevelt Corollary and the right that it gave to the United States to intervene in Latin American affairs if necessary. Hoover wanted to end this tension, and while president-elect he took a tour of Latin America, showing his intentions. Additionally, ss president, “In a number of instances, Hoover backed up this symbolism with concrete actions” (Hamilton). Hoover ensured that troops were removed from Nicaragua, and occupation was ended in Haiti. While his predecessors did not go an effective job of helping Latin America, Hoover was able to successfully satisfy the Latin Americans and give them what they want while not harming the United States in the process. It would have been easy to continue doing what his predecessors wanted. Instead, Hoover took initiative and made this one area in which he improved the country during his

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