Great Depression Dbq Essay

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Has someone ever talk to you about the Great Depression if not am here to explain how it all started. It all started on morning day in the early 1930 when soon people looked worried about their jobs because factories were going to unemployment workers. Which was not a great thing for the the people or the factories because if the workers were unemployment they would not have money to the buy the products from the stores. So at the end the great depression had a major impact on the United states. The reason was because many men had to have at least two different jobs in order for them to bring food for his family. From my point of view one major thing that made the great depression worst was the overproduction because on doc. 6 it provides …show more content…

Which on doc. 4 it shows how hard it was for people to get a job. Which it lasted for ten years just think to yourself how sad and hard it was for the families that didn’t had a job, that’s the reason why many men left their own families to go out and try to get a job for him and his family could move on but many didn’t had the chance to return with their families. Also many factories fire some of their workers because people weren’t buying their products because people didn’t had the money to purchase the items. So it was a very hard time for the families that had to live during the great …show more content…

Which the the part that got the most damage during the great depression were the telephone which it drop to the lowest. Which also cause companies to get rid of workers and people would not be able to buy food from the companies and soon the companies had to close down. On Doc.5 it shows how the stock market works sometimes it goes down and at the same time it goes up so the best thing to do is to stay loyal to your stock. Which that’s how families lost their money during the great

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