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The Great Depression is the worst economic downturn that America has ever experienced. Over a ten year period lasting from 1929 through 1939, America witnessed hardships like no other. At the lowest point in the Great Depression nearly 25% of Americans were out of work, and that rate increasing by twelve thousand every day. The Great Depression made many people question the “American Dream” and people were weary of the future. Many effects came out of the Great Depression, one being more government programing. Programs and policies created by President Roosevelt were called the “New Deal” each program had set out different goals and intentions. Relationships between the government and people also changed for the worse, after the economic collapse as the people did not trust the government with their money. The Dust Bowl was directly related to the economic collapse as well and was one of the many effects …show more content…

During the 1920’s there was a sense of a booming economy leading more people to buy on credit with the economy being stable. However after the stock market crash droves of people rushed to withdraw their money. This caused many problems for the banks as they had invested money into the stock market themselves, many closed down leaving millions questioning where their money had gone. This is the main reason people viewed banks as untrustworthy and feared giving them there hard earned money. This is why President Roosevelt created programs such as the FDIC to create a trust between the people and the government. Without these programs the relationship between people and the government might not have ever been mended. This also changed the way the government looked at its role as well, moving from a military mindset and allowing the state and local governments to handle financial aspects. To being deeply involved in all portions , because of the widespread economic

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