Dust Bowl Dbq

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Causes of the Dust Bowl
How would one feel when there is millions of tons of soil, dust, and dirt in the air? It would almost be as if one couldn’t breath and there is no oxygen around oneself. This deadly situation occurred to many people in Colorado, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. The Dust Bowl was a disastrous event that lasted for multiple years in the 1930s. Dust, soil, and dirt ruined people’s lungs by being in the air. When too much of it is inhaled in the body, people may die. This has been one of the most horrifying events in all of United States of America. So, what caused the Dust Bowl? The Dust Bowl was caused by short grass prairies, heavy mechanism, and drought.
One of the reasons the Dust Bowl was caused by short grass prairies. A short grass prairie is a plain used for farming with short grass. As it shows in document E, in about the year 1933 – 1936, the annual …show more content…

Heavy mechanism are tractors and heavy electronic equipment. In farming they used heavy mechanisms to farm better and graze more land. As it shows in document C and D, heavy mechanisms were used a lot in order to make farmers earn more money because of how much land they can farm. The more land, the more money a farmer can earn. Heavy mechanisms have ruined the nation by cutting all the grass or most of the grass and that has kept the soil open. When the wind comes, it picks up the soil and when miles and miles of land’s grass has been cut by heavy mechanisms, the wind constantly picks up the soil and after many miles, the soil and dust is all over the air and causing havoc. The heavy mechs. Has helped the nation economically but has worsened us physically. Now we can see that the more land the farmers use with heavy mechanisms like tractors, the more soil and dirt is exposed. With the grass gone and dirt open, wind and dust will carry it up in the air and collect more and more when time goes

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