Dust Bowl Dbq

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The dust bowl was one of the most tragic event that ever happened in united

states history it caused a lot of damage to a lot of states and impacted a lot of american lives.

The dust bowl caused families to leave homes and families to go hunger on this tragic event.In

april 18, 1935 a huge black cloud piled on western horizon which caused a big impact on

people´s home.The dust bowl was mainly caused by drought,disappearing of a root system,

And the mechanics of farming these are the main sources that caused the dust bowl and

Impacted the tragic event towards american lives.

The dust bowl was a very dangerous and tragic event due to the drought that

Was going on the drought was a very big impact that caused the dust bowl. The drought …show more content…

The drought was a big cause for the dust bowl and impacted a lot but another

Main cause as the disappearing of the root system it impacted the dust storm heavily and to

Americans. The disappearing of the root system withouts any of roots there would be a lot of

Dust coming into the air which impacted the environment a lot and was one of the main things

That probably created the storm.Some might say it was not because the roots probably wouldn´t

Impact that much but in reality with no roots no protection over the dirt.

The mechanics of farming also impacted the dust bowl a lot of the mechanics

Was the cause because of what it did for the environment. The tractor impacted it a lot which

Lead to the cutting of the grass which lead to more of the dirt to be free and go around in the air

And the wind caused the big cloud storm.some people may think that it wasn't that

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