Dust Bowl Effect

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The Dust Bowl stole the lives of many. It impacted thousands of farmers, children, adults, and land. The Dust Bowl was a time of suffering and challenges. The main challenge, was just staying alive. This is how it got its famous name “black blizzard” since it looked like a large black cloud. The article, “10 Things You May Not Know About the Dust Bowl” illustrates how destructive the dust storm was. The video, “PBS The Dust Bowl” describes the lessons learnt by the Dust Bowl. The excerpt” Wild Boy of the Road” reveals a child who is scrambling to get food. All in all, staying alive, getting food, and finding drinkable water, were all major challenges faced by the people who were alive during the harsh Dust Bowl. Primarily, the biggest challenge …show more content…

All of the dry weather led to this severe water shortage which caused the drought. Even the little rainfall that came, was sucked up by the soil, leaving the people helpless and out of luck. When there was no rain, there was not enough water for the crops that were trying to grow, or the people who were thirsty. However, some farmers realized that deep under the soil, there was water left behind from the last ice age that occurred millions of years back. The water that they found underground, was used to water plants, that still did not end up surviving. “PBS The Dust Bowl” clarifies in detail, about how the water was mainly used for the plant. So much of the water had been used and before a couple of years pass, the water will all be gone. If the water is gone, people will lose the land since all the living organisms will die due to a shortage of water. To sum up, there was a shortage of water, making it difficult for the people living during the Dust Bowl to …show more content…

The article, “10 Things You May Not Know About the Dust Bowl” discusses the effects of the treacherous dust storm. The video, “PBS The Dust Bowl” articulates how there are possibilities of the Dust Bowl occurring again. The excerpt” Wild Boy of the Road” introduces a boy who was in great need of food. Several died, several migrated, and several barely managed to stay alive as the dust infiltrated through the cracks in the wall. Everything that led up to the Dust Bowl destroyed the state of the people who were living in the horrific conditions. The farmers had to face the challenge of growing new crops, since everyone was starving. Others were struggling to just stay alive and mostly everyone was thirsty. Therefore, the Dust Bowl was a devastating time for many, full of obstacles and

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