The Great Depression Essay

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The Great Depression is considered one of the worst economic events to happen in American history. It began in 1929 when the stock market crashed and unemployment rose rapidly. Banks, grocery stores, restaurants, and many other businesses went out of business leaving America in a state of panic. There is no other economic disaster in history like the Great Depression because of events such as the Dust Bowl, Hoovervilles, presidency changes, and much more. As we approach the 100-year mark of this era, it is still the worst economic crisis this country has ever experienced. It all started on October 29, 1929, when the stock market crashed from incredible amounts of people depositing their entire life savings into the economy. While the stock …show more content…

The Dust Bowl was caused by changes in climate and by changes in the farming industry. The only reason why some of the farmers quit or couldn’t farm anymore was that they lost all of their money in the stock market, so they could not buy any more seeds, water, and anything else they needed to plant crops. Due to the experienced farmers not being able to produce as much, people had to hire inexperienced farmers to try and save the American people from starvation. For example,’s editors explain, “The Dust Bowl intensified the crushing economic impacts of the Great Depression and drove many farming families on a desperate migration in search of work and better living conditions” ( Editors 1). As more and more farmers moved out, the inexperienced farmers tried to grow crops but it actually dried the land and created so much dust. The huge amount of dust ended up creating so much dust that it lasted years and covered some parts of America. Due to this event and the fact that so many people were homeless, there came the creation of Hoovervilles. Many people believe that the villages were built because “the government failed to provide relief, President Herbert Hoover was blamed for the intolerable economic and social conditions, so the shantytowns that cropped up became known as Hoovervilles” ( Editors 1). What this proves to everyone now is that everyone was finding anything they could to survive even if it was many out of scrap metal. It proved that you cannot get anywhere in life without money or a job. Without either of those, you cannot pay for your human needs. People not being able to pay for their needs truly set off this era along with the reason why it is called the Great

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