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US History II: United States from 1877
Exam Two
Please type the answers to the questions you’ve selected and upload a copy via the assignment on Dropbox by
11:59 pm on 18 March .
Late exams will lose one letter grade for every day they are late.
Spelling and grammar count, so please read over your papers before you turn them in.

Short Answer (50 points)
Answer 10 of the following (5 points each) in two to four complete sentences.
Do up to 2 more for up to 10 points extra credit.

1. Who were ANZAC troops? The term ANZAC came about while members of the Australian and New Zealand army were training in Egypt. The ANZAC troops were members of the Australian and New Zealand army corps. 2. What were the major points of the Treaty …show more content…

Everyone was under the impression that because everything was so great now that everything would always be great, which was false. The Great Depression was an economic depression that took place across the whole world. It took place mainly through the 1930’s. It began in 1929 and it did not end until 1941. It was the longest, most horrible worldwide depression of the 20th century. There was not one single reason that the Great Depression occurred, it was a combination of things. Some of the reasons it occurred include the agricultural depression, banks closing, and stocks dropping dramatically. The Great Depression began in the United States after stock prices dropped dramatically, which took place on October 29, 1929. This day became known as Black Tuesday. Every person in society had to endure the devastating effects of the Great Depression. No matter if a country was considered rich or poor, the Great Depression had devastating effects. The unemployment rate increased dramatically, going from 3% to 25%. For the people who were lucky enough to still be employed during this horrible time, their wages fell 42%. However, the crash of the stock market is not the only thing that caused the Great Depression. In the middle of the 1930’s, a severe drought struck and it ruined much of the agriculture of the United States, which was known as the Dust Bowl. Another reason, other than the drought, that the dust bowl took place, was the poor farming practices that were being used. Some of these poor farming practices were overtilling and bad crop rotations. The reason that it was called the Dust Bowl, is because the soil was so dry that it began turning to dust. Everything began to seem as though it was a desert. Farmers could no longer grow crops in the areas that the Dust Bowl took place which were New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas. Since the farmers could no longer grow crops,

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