Great Depression Dbq Essay

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The context of the Great Depression is the roaring 20’s. As World War 1 ended a new era of prosperity came to America. At the height of prosperity the Stock Market exchange began to rapidly expand as more people began to trade. The Great Depression was caused by the Stock Market Crash,Business Failure unemployment and Bad banking practices. Document 1 talks about how the cotton was overproducing and since the cotton was becoming overproduced as time went on, they decided to raise the prices on the cotton. The Price for the cotton was too overpriced because they knew that the people would be able to afford it and because of that they would gain money from it. As time went on too many of the businesses were not gaining any sort of wealth from this event and had a great crash moment . Document 3 was written on October 29,1929 and what they were saying was that London was a poor city and they had a debt to pay to the U.S. and to the Britains. The U.S. forgave London for the debt they owed, but Britain did not agree with the decision the U.S. made and wanted them to pay up. …show more content…

During the Great Depression every 4 years the amounts would get doubled. From 1926-1940 is when it would double and after 1940 the amount of unemployment started to settle down and calm down again. Document 6 talks about the after cause of the Great depression in 1958. Installment was a great cause of business failure because the people would buy stuff that they can’t afford and with money they do not own or have. The people would always rely on the installment of the business thinking they will be able to buy what they would like. The business failure became so bad because of all the money they were losing from all the people just spending the money they didn’t have and didn’t even

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