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In brief, the Great Depression started in 1929. The Great Depression was one of the major disasters of the modern era, the worst economic disaster in history. The Depression had to do with the stock market crash. Americans were were in a cycle. Americans bought goods, the companies gained money, the companies shared less with employees, companies bought stock, employees couldn’t buy products, companies made less money because the Americans couldn’t afford anything. The companies kept pushing higher prices than what their products were really worth. This lead to the stock market crash. This meant workers were fired, wages cut, and business went out of business. After the stock market crashed, Americans lost trust in their banks to hold their …show more content…

Roosevelt had passed many laws to help combat the Depression which did help effectively. These laws were apart of the political solution. According to “The Great Depression” by Mike Kubic (2016), “The Social Security Act created a safety net for victims of old age, poverty and unemployment.” In short, the law passed by Roosevelt helped the Americans suffering from the overwhelming unemployment rate. This helped combat the Depression by helping the American people out on the hard times during the Depression. Without the safety net most Americans would be stuck in graver stituations. The law battled the Depression politically which makes the political category the best way that helped combat the …show more content…

According to “Two Presidents and the Depression” document given by Mrs. Dudek, “Congress responded by establishing the Reconstruction Finance Corporation and signed a bill authorizing $2 billion in spending in order to save businesses.” Eventually, during Hoover’s presidency, Congress managed to signed a bill that allowed $2 billion to go to saving the businesses in America. The government being able to directly spend money on business helped combated the Depression economically because now not all of the business will go under, some would be saved and be able to rebuild along with start up the economy again. Although some my argue this, the category that was able to battle the Depression most effectively was the political category. According to “Two Presidents and the Depression” document given by Mrs. Dudek, “Hoover’s policies to combat the Depression were based both on his fundamental beliefs and on theories advocated by the best economists at the time.” Hoover was battling the Depression based off his own life experiences in growing up in poverty and becoming a businessman. He was also discussing the economy with the best economists at the time, getting professional help with the situation at hand. This evidence proves that the political category was the best way to deal with the Great Depression because President Hoover’s political

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