Should Universities And Colleges Should Be Free To Attend Essay

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Universities and Colleges Should Be Free to Attend These days, receiving a post-secondary education depends on the numbers in your bank account rather than the numbers on your report card. Universities and colleges should be free to attend because everyone should have an equal chance to learn and the amount of debt they have after finishing university or college is significantly high. The equality of learning at a post-secondary school is non-existent. Everyone should have an equal chance to learn at the level they deserve, no matter how much money they have. Studies show, “Among those not attending their first choice college, sixty-two percent said they could not afford to attend it and twenty-five said their first choice school didn’t not provide them with any financial aid” (Lucie Lapovsky). Clearly, many people, do not receive the education they have earned because of their monetary situations, and that is not fair. Furthermore, if the school is not assisting them financially, they are not encouraging young adolescents to continue their learning journey and if anything, they are discouraging them saying if they do not have money, they do not deserve the education. That student could be brilliant and hard working, but cannot afford the tuition for the level of education they deserve. That student could be a doctor and find the cure or a …show more content…

If this does not change, the number of college or university dropouts will increase tremendously, leaving doctors, lawyers, and scientists rare to find. Even professors and teachers who are trying to educate students will have no one to teach since few people can afford it or they dropout due to monetary stress. Merely envision todays’ society with every citizen doing brilliant deeds because of the education they received and the foundation that they built

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