Utilitarianism Evaluation Paper

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As a college student, I am always keeping myself updated with different new university policies because many policies are impacting my college life. Although many policies are impacting me in school, college tuition is the most important to me. The increase of college tuition at U.C and CSU will cause many problems for students. The school administration thinks that is the time to increase student tuition, but students will not benefit from the increase. Therefore, my paper will offer a utilitarian evaluation of the recent CSU and UC increase in tuition, it will show that said policy is unethical from a business and social standpoint. Utilitarianism is one of the best-known theory under the consequentialism, and its idea is the Greatest Happiness Principle(GHP). According to the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, “Utilitarian believe that the purpose of morality is to …show more content…

First, it means that students might need to take student loan to pay for the high tuition. Second, students might need to spend more time on working instead of studying. Third, students might decide to opt out because they cannot afford the high cost for a degree. These circumstances are all possible if the college tuition increase in CSU and UC, and I can be in either one of the situation. Therefore, the increase of college tuition is relevant to me. In order to prove that increase of college tuition is not ethical, I will first introduce the ethical issue. Then, I will explain the utilitarianism theory and how it works. afterward, I will state my position on the issue and why am I go against the issue. After that, I will run the stakeholder theory to consider the different stakeholders, such as university faculty, local community, and student etc. In this part, it will show that who is suffered under the change and who is beneficial through the

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