Barriers To The American Dream

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The American Dream is the idea that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative. In other words, the American Dream is the ideology that anyone can come to America and have the social mobility to move however you would like. But is this true? Men and women like Della Mae Justice, Andy Blevins, Ewa Gora and other U.S citizens challenge the idea of social mobility and the American Dream. Therefore, The American Dream cannot truly be assessed by all in the United States.
Success is not always measured in wealth. Despite Della Mae Justice rising up from a childhood of poverty and becoming a successful lawyer, she did not created a success story. Della worked
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Andy Blevin dropped out of college due to key barriers that all other American college students are forced to deal with. These key barriers such as finances and lack of motivation challenged Blevin, and caused him to leave school. One of the major key barriers that caused him to dropout of college was motivation, “I enjoyed working hard, getting the job done, getting a paycheck,” Blevins recalled. “I just knew I didn’t want to quit.” (88). So instead of going to college, and having a job at the same, he dropped out. Blevins was more motivated to make money and have a small job than to go to college and give himself and his family a better life. Andy also came from a family that was poor and he set low standards for himself from, “Soon he was making bonuses on top of his 6.75 an hour, more money than either of his parents made.” (88) Blevins was arguably set up to fail from the start of him going to college. Although, his sister Leanna Blevins counters that claim after she came from the same family and was able to eventually get a P.h.D in college. Yet even Leanne Blevins supports the key barriers by telling about key barriers that she noticed and had to get past herself, “But they don’t know that maybe what the student needs is to hear them say, “Stick it out just one semester. You can do it. Just stay there. Come homeone the weekend, but stick is out.”(94) She mentions the struggles and problems that she had to…show more content…
There are too many reasons and ways to be held back or kept in the same social class that people already are in. Health issues, key barriers in college and the fact that success is not always measured in wealth do not support social mobility. With citizens such as Della Mae Justice, Ewa Gora, Andy Blevins and countless other U.S citizens that struggle to move up in social class, social mobility cannot be attainable to every
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