Social Mobility Of The American Dream

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The American Dream is the idea that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative. In other words, the American Dream is the ideology that anyone can come to America and have the social mobility to move however you would like. But is this true? Men and women like Della Mae Justice, Andy Blevins, Ewa Gora and other U.S citizens challenge the idea of social mobility and the American Dream. Therefore, The American Dream cannot truly be assessed by all in the United States.
Success is not always measured in wealth. Despite Della Mae Justice rising up from a childhood of poverty and becoming a successful lawyer, she did not created a success story. Della worked hard to be in the “successful” position she’s in. She graduated at the top of her class, married out of college, and even traveled Europe for a year. Nevertheless, Della is unsuccessful in her mind, feeling uncomfortable when she’s with other co-workers and friends, “But Justice still felt like an outsider. Her coeditors on the law review, her fellow clerks at the court, and her colleagues at the law firm all seemed to have a universe of information that she had passed her by.” (67) Della also felt that she isn 't as successful and socially mobile as she would like to be because of a theory of hers that she could only move up to a certain point in her life, and no further. “The class a person is born into, she said, is the starting

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