Interpersonal Interview Research Paper

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Interpersonal Interview: Matthew Ruby
In Human Communications our Professor told us to go around and interact with someone within the room. Matthew was someone I have never really interacted with and being someone that was close by. I got to hear the life and opinions he had. We talked about the views of things around us today and our opinions about certain things.
Matthew Ruby is a 19-year-old white Italian-American man. He is a residence in the Commack area. Matthew has been going to school at Suffolk County Community college for about three years so far also unemployed. Matthew is the oldest of two in his family, he has a younger brother. For extracurricular activities, he loves to draw. He does graphic design a sort of Computer
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College education may be one of the best investments of time and money for a person 's career. college students often develop the reasoning skills needed to make life decisions..include improved self-discipline, study habits and cooperative behaviors that can be applied to career projects and tasks(study). Matthew states that usefulness of a college education is good as long as you know what you wanna to with your career choice. He also says that it also deals with if you really see yourself there. He also states that the relevance and usefulness of Interpersonal Communication to his career choice help because it allows him to communicate with others well and interact with the people around him to engage with others productively on a different level.This can also help when you need to trust others. I asked Matthew if he trusted anyone. His thoughts on this were like every person you meet at first. He stated that he does, but he needs to interact with a person to see if he can trust the person. He argues that when people get to know your secret you may never know if they go and tell others about it and if they do, it would be hard to even trust the person at all. He believes that people are not generally bad people. Everyone is not born bad. It is the person to decide if they want to be bad or good. It is for them to decide. When a toddler is playing and then hit you it 's not that they are not bad they just don 't know what they are
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