Charles Murray's Essay: Should Everyone Go To College

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Should everyone go to college? College is a place for young adults to grow and be prepared for the future. The author of “Too Many People Are Going to College” Charles Murray, believes that college is not for everybody and is not an important step for you adults. I believe everyone should go, because going to college we can gain more knowledge, learn how to manage class and time, become mature as adults, and learn how living on your own is more difficult since we have to make our own decisions as young adults. The one point Charles Murray makes about not everyone is fit to going to college. I would have to agree with Charles because college is begin focused upon us by our teachers, guidance counselors and our parents. Being forced to going to college is not the best because if the young adult doesn’t want to pursue a higher degree, and forcing the person into college, he/she won’t want to study and the two or four years will be a waste of time. Charles other point he makes is that people who believe their smart want to go to college. I would have to disagree, why because everyone is equal and it’s their decision on whether they go to college. Even if you get bad grades in high school that not the case when you go to college. For example, if you’re not smart in high school you may be smart in …show more content…

People being educated can be a great influence to people in today’s society. Charles Murray believe that a college degree is like a “a price ticket for employees”. The two reasons Murray says is that “employees do not value what students learned, just that the student has a degree” the other reason is “employees do not even look at applicants who have no college degree”. College is beneficial and plays a big part because we can gain more knowledge and learn how to be a responsible young adult and about our own

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