Worth The Cost Of College Essay

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College is beneficial It is every parent’s dream for their child for their child to grow up, and have more than they have. Most parents want their children to have an education, a better job than they had, and a better home than what they have been given. It is every parents dream for their child to attend college. To parents, college is worth the cost because it allows their children to have a more successful life by attending college. The cost of college is worth it because it allows students to have a greater education, it gives students a higher quality opportunity for a job, and there is financial aid available. College is worth the cost because it gives students higher education than just high school. Education is worth more than just money for the reason it allows people to live longer and enjoy life (Leonhardt). Having a college degree allows students to live a more carefree lifestyle. Large numbers of people who attend college earn more money and are able to open their own company (Leonhardt). Furthermore, if someone wants a well paying job college is beneficial. “74% say their college education was very useful in helping them …show more content…

For example, college graduates consider their degree responsible for them earning $20,000 more a year than people who did not attend to college (Pew Social & Demographic Trends). People who earn a degree oftentimes have a higher than those who don’t have a college degree. 87% of people with a college degree earn more than those who didn’t attend to college (Leonhardt). Therefore, if want a higher starting salary individuals need a college degree. 55% of students who graduated felt like they were ready for their desired career (Pew Social & Demographic Trends). In addition People who graduated college feel like they are more set for their job. College helps people to find jobs with higher pay, and allows them to have more successful

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