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Is College Worth the Cost? The cost for a child up until the age of 18 is about $245,340, that is for the basic necessities growing up. Up until the age of 18, people usually relied on their parents to invest for them growing up, so it 's up to them to start paying for their own future like their parents once did. Investing in a future isn’t always a simple task, but it is totally worth the effort. “The value of college education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think” (Albert Einstein). So although college is expensive, it is worth the cost because it helps adults get better paying jobs, get higher education, and getting involved. Jobs with the need of education of more than a diploma can pay graduates more money. First, college takes time, money, and energy and over recent years, students haven 't been giving it their best. People that make the most money are more likely to have college experience and are less likely to face unemployment. This is shown because college graduates will apply for jobs that a diploma can’t get, usually meaning more income. Also, the more education that someone has, the more income they are likely to receive. This is because some jobs want to hire people with better understandings and people that know what they’re doing. “In 2011, the average worker with a bachelor 's …show more content…

Getting the education that everyone needs will provide a greater income than just ending it at a diploma. Time, money, and effort into lengthening an education will be worth it in the long run by teaching how to apply what young adults learn into everyday life. A high school education is what most people get, but some students don’t remember the education it offered, going to college gives a choice in what anyone wants to learn. So all in all, college is worth the cost because a higher education is a happier

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