Argument Analysis: Is College Really Worth It?

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Is College Really Worth It? Paula Scarborough Brenau University EH101 Professor Whelan March 18, 2017 A thorough evaluation of the higher education evidently reveals that there are diverse factors that need to re-evaluate as suggested by Charles Murray. Although the facts are based upon a misinterpretation of what colleges entails in the essence that they are not substantially equipping graduates with the necessary life skills hacks. Instead of cultivating capable individuals in the society, college’s distinct purpose has been to equip skillful graduates into diverse careers they wish pursue. Through Murray’s argument, it is evident that emphasis has been put into wrong issues in the sense that the society should focus more on producing capable individuals rather than flooding the economy with job seeking graduates with no life hack skills. The market is changing and so is the job markets, many people are equipped on following certain procedure that will not be as effective in the future. The ability to…show more content…
Therefore, tuition fees have increased as colleges have begun to take advantage of the social norm that has taken place in the society where it is expected of every individual to join college. Tuition cost, in turn, has a negative impact on persons who may fail to raise up the tuition fee required for to pursue a bachelor’s degree in a field of choice. Through the argument, it becomes evident that the decisions by various individuals not to pursue college due to the inability to raise funds for the fee but instead opt for a liberal education has continuously been looked down upon (Murray 236-238). This is based on the common that has been established that persons with Bachelor’s degrees are in demand and are likely to have a higher pay compared to individuals who may have opt to pursue working skills through liberal education (Murray
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