What Is The Credit Card Companies Role In Causing Student Debt By Carlos Macias

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When people think about college student?s financial status, they often think they are going to be broke from student loans. What most people do think about when it comes to college students is credit card debt. And if people do think about it, the students are often blamed for the debt because many people still think they are you kids who are irresponsible when It came to money. In the article, ?The Credit Card Company Made Me Do It? ? The Credit Card Industry?s Role in Causing Student Debt, author, Carlos Macias, warns his audience that credit card companies will try anything and everything to get students to own a credit card from their company. Macias states that college students have a huge target on their back when it comes to credit …show more content…

Macias?s intended audience is his classmates and his professor, so when he uses his personal experience in the first paragraph, his audience will see how that could easily happen to them since he shares many of the same attributes as his intended audience. His goal is to make the audience feel hostile toward credit card companies. Adding to this idea are words such as, ?bombarded students with highly sophisticated advertising?, and ?disguising the real cost of credit, and ?attack students with mail? (Macias 282). All of those phrases evoke a negative feeling about credit card companies. Macias also does a great job portraying that credit card companies see college students as ?easy targets? (Macias 281). Since the everybody in his audience, besides one person, are college students, he successfully creates a negative image of credit card companies because no student wants to feel naive. He does an excellent job appealing toward the audience?s …show more content…

His message his clear throughout the whole piece and he uses sources to show that he has knowledge on the topic. He also uses many sources and personal experiences that make the reader trust him and believe that he knows what he is talking about. With that being said, he did need to elaborate more when it came to addressing the alternative views about credit card companies. Ultimately, the reader can understand that his message is that credit card companies are to blame for college student debt because of his effective use of pathos, logos and the majority of

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