How Is Gun Control Prevalent To Self-Defense?

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Gun have been long supported the notion that it is for self defense. Use of gun has been altered over time, many questions what these uses of guns mean to our nation. Debates on gun control and pro-gun control prevalent to self-defense. In the reading entitled Gun Control Isn’t the Answer by James Wilson, he emphasizes that if gun become control in United States of America, the U.S will likely see an increase of violence. Adam Winkler writing The Second Amendment All for Gun Control by Adam Winkler discusses potential support of having gun control by the second amendment. Through factors of gun control and anti-gun control, it is obvious gun violence continues to occur in our nation affecting innocent and vulnerbale lives. …show more content…

Wilson believes that if guns becomes control in our nation, United States may see an increase of violence. In addition, illegal use of gun will become an consequences due to gun controll. Wilson states ‘“In the decade since England banned all private possession of handguns, the BBC reported that the number of gun crimes has gone up sharply” (Wilson, 2007). In other words, Wilson believes that gun control is not a solution for Europe nor United States, but to stand by the already existed law of guns. I …show more content…

United States of America may see a decrease on gun violence, mass shootings, and proper enforcement use of guns. In addition, I believe that it will be able to control citizen’s limitation of owned guns and usage. For instance, relatives of some of the 26 victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, one of deadliest mass shooting at a school took part of a march in New York to bring awareness of gun control (Frizell, 2014). I believe that if the perpetrator of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was not able to obtain gun from his own home, a property of his mother. The 26 victims relatives would not be suffering as of today, and may not be apart of the march. I believe that if gun control can be implemented our nation can decrease gun violence. Wilson had asked for his readers to not be overlooked by the mass shooting case such as Virginia Tech and understand that United States can be under the way of increasing gun violence if gun control rules. I believe that Wilson lack the thought that the mass shooting at Virginia Tech caused 32 deaths by one individual. These were 32 innocent people who potentially were not associated to the perpetrator. For this reason, I disagree with Wilson argument and do not believe that by allowing the practices of gun will decrease gun

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