Persuasive Essay On Guns In America

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Guns. Guns are an enormously controversial topic discussed across the world; however, I am going to focus on guns in America specifically. America is in a deadly love affair with firearms despite 32,000 people each year. Losing their life to gun crime for every one person who died due to guns, two more are wounded which can drastically impact someone’s life. I feel that America has a huge influence in the world therefore if they get rid of their right to bare arms, others will soon follow. Many believe that the right to bear arms is a tremendously wonderful aspect of the United States of America, which every individual around the world could learn from and thrive to make a part of their culture and everyday life. However, I strongly believe that this is not the case, instead of us, the United Kingdom, learning from America. America should be learning from us. Guns are a treacherous hazard that should be stopped which in turn would save thousands of lives a year. It is possible to reduce the number of fatalities caused by guns through implementing stricter gun laws. This solution has proven success as it has previously worked for the United Kingdom when there was a lock down on gun crime after the Dunblane shooting. This caused the United Kingdoms death rate to drastically decrease while Americas death rate has been continually rising. This shows that …show more content…

In the survey I carried out 90% of the general public believe that option 2 is more important as they stated that “people abuse their right so tackling ownership is more important” in addition to that some participants also stated that “Option 2 would help reduce gun crime and related death”. Over double the Americans which are killed in gun homicides in a single day, than Japan in an entire year, with almost 32,000 deaths caused by guns each year that calculates on average a total of 88 deaths per

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