Why Americans Should Have Guns Essay

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Why Americans Need Guns The right to bear arms helps protect ourselves and our families. It is our constitutional right to bear arms and I believe it should not be taken away. Some people think if we did not have guns there would be less crime in the United States, but that is not true. When a person purchases a gun at a store they have to register that gun in their name, unless they buy a used one from someone else. If guns are banned the government will take innocent civilian guns away, because they have them registered in their names. However, that is going to put our lives in more danger because a lot criminal’s that have guns would not have theirs taken. Most criminals would not get their guns taken away because more than likely they are not registered and wouldn’t be found by the government. They would continue to cause crime and kill …show more content…

Several Americans think if we get rid of our second amendment there will be less shooting’s and deaths, but that is not true. Some cities in the United States already have strict gun laws, and it’s a fact that those cities have the highest assault and murder rates. If that happens across the whole country imagine all of the crime and shootings we will have. Innocent people will not have the right to protect themselves. Yes, I believe that there should be background checks to purchase a gun, but background checks will not always keep someone from getting a gun. Purchasing a gun doesn’t mean it has to be at a gun at a store, because people sell used guns all the time. If someone wants a gun really bad and if they can’t get one because of their past, that doesn’t mean they won’t find one. There is already a black market for guns and if any laws get passed, the market will just expand. That will make it easier for people to get guns. Guns will never be under control; It’s like trying to stop illegal immigrants from coming into America, it won’t

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