Teachers Should Not Be Armed In Schools Essay

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School shootings are extremely uncommon. A recent U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study found that only one percent of childhood homicides, a majority of which involve guns, occur in schools(Russo,1). If teachers do become armed,should there be selected teachers? Some teachers may not want to be armed and have the extra responsibility. Teachers should not be armed while at school. To start, since the number of school shootings have dropped, arming teachers is unnecessary. Based on figure 1.1, school associated violent deaths have decreased by a number of 31 people from 2006 to 2010(NCE,fig.1.1). Guns in schools could somewhat make the school safer, but there are many situations where arming teachers is not a good idea. The police could be staring down the hallway and see two people with guns both claiming to be teachers(Russo,1). While teaching, the gun could go off and shoot a student in the foot.This could be prevented by not arming teachers! While the death of one child is tragic, putting weapons into the hands of teachers may exacerbate already tense situations(Russo,1). In addition, on the same day as …show more content…

However, there are multiple objects in the classroom to protect the students. For instance, the door would be locked and is also very thick. There are at least 20 desks in each classroom to help protect the students in an emergency. “It is worth noting that insofar as school shootings are rare, political and school leaders must think safety plans through than overreact with knee-jerk responses(Russo,1).” Planning safety plans is better than having to overreact in emergency situations. Schools practice safety drills for emergencies, even though school shootings are very rare. While many may believe that teachers are the best protection, there is plenty of protection in the classroom in case of an

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