Sandy Hook Shooting Research Paper

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Have any children, nieces, or nephews? Imagine if one of them were in the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting. Horrifying incidents, happen when people defend the “right” of being able to own a gun. How about the Las Vegas Shooting, which killed fifty-nine, and injured 527 people. What about the Texas Church Shooting, where the shooter, was Devin Patrick Kelly, a former Air Force member. His background check was “clean” even when he assaulted his wife, broke his stepson’s skull, and had been discharged from the Air Force for bad conduct. This might not convince everybody about the ease to purchase a gun, because this intro has only talked about people being killed by them, so it must be hard to get guns, because these shootings don’t happen everyday. All of these shooters that caused these shootings, did not have a license or permit when purchasing these firearms. That’s how Stephen Paddock was found with 23 firearms inside of his hotel room, where the shooting came from. The three of these men, all could’ve been suspected to be planning something, but they still got their firearms, because of …show more content…

If it’s purchasing one in person or online, it’s basically being handed to anyone. The legal age drinking age is 21 years of age. The legal age to purchase a firearm is 18 years old, even without a license or permit. There are more casualties with a person behind a firearm than a person intoxicated behind the wheel of a vehicle. 1% of 29 million gun crimes were legal intervention. All of the items addressed in this essay come to show that not very many people use guns for self defense, and that the gun purchasing process needs to be harder for customers to acquire. There are multiple ways that the world can be a better place, and the first is to create a sense of safety, by making guns harder to get. If this essay still can’t get you on its side, keep in mind that a single bullet can end a close family member’s

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