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Every country has their issues, but some countries issues are worse than others. The United States of America has a very unique issue where the whole problem is said to be allowed according to the constitution. Gun laws and the right to bear arms has been a highly controversial subject for an exceptionally long time. Hardcore Republicans, which currently rule virtually all of US Government do not contribute to the solving of this issue. If you look at the evolution of firearms, there has been a drastic change in the fire rate, ammunition capacity, range, and accuracy. The AR-15 used the recent school shooting in Florida recently and 9 other rifles were legally purchased by 19, Nikolas Cruz, at Gun World of South Florida in Deerfield Beach. If there was a thorough background check along with a immensely …show more content…

This number will continue to grow and will not stop or plateau until the government does something about this crisis. Columbine, Colorado. A peaceful town that is home to about 24 000 people. If you went there then you would’ve never guessed that it is also home to one of the biggest massacres in US history. Located at the Columbine High School, a shooting took place. The lives of 12 students and 1 teacher were taken by two shooters, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, on April 20th, 1999. 24 others were injured in this shooting and there could, possibly, have been many more, but the propane tank bombs, that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold planted in the cafeteria, did not detonate. Students were mercilessly shot at point blank by legally purchased weapons. A tricky situation because the weapons were purchased by a friend of Klebold and Harris. This transition constituted an illegal “straw purchase.” A TEC-DC9 was purchased from a pizza shop employee named Mark Manes, who knew they were too young to purchase the assault pistol, but nevertheless sold it to them for

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